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ObsPack: a framework for the preparation, delivery, and attribution of atmospheric greenhouse gas data
K. A. Masarie, W. Peters, A. R. Jacobson, and P. P. Tans
Earth Syst. Sci. Data Discuss., 7, 495-519, 2014
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  09 Sep 2014
Spatially explicit estimates of stocks sizes, structure and biomass of herring and blue whiting, and catch data of bluefin tuna
G. Huse, B. R. MacKenzie, V. Trenkel, M. Doray, L. Nøttestad, and G. Oskarsson
Earth Syst. Sci. Data Discuss., 7, 457-493, 2014
 Abstract   Discussion Paper (PDF, 2138 KB)   Interactive Discussion (Open, 2 Comments)   Manuscript under review for ESSD   Special Issue

  31 Jul 2014
Mapping hydrological environments in central Amazonia: ground validation and surface model based on SRTM DEM data corrected for deforestation
G. M. Moulatlet, C. D. Rennó, F. R. C. Costa, T. Emilio, and J. Schietti
Earth Syst. Sci. Data Discuss., 7, 441-456, 2014
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  25 Jul 2014
Sea ice in the Baltic Sea – revisiting BASIS ice, a~historical data set covering the period 1960/1961–1978/1979
U. Löptien and H. Dietze
Earth Syst. Sci. Data Discuss., 7, 419-440, 2014
 Abstract   Discussion Paper (PDF, 3781 KB)   Interactive Discussion (Open, 1 Comment)   Manuscript under review for ESSD   

  16 Jun 2014
Biogeography of key mesozooplankton species in the North Atlantic, by manual counting methods, and egg production of Calanus finmarchicus
W. Melle, J. A. Runge, E. Head, S. Plourde, C. Castellani, P. Licandro, J. Pierson, S. H. Jonasdottir, C. Johnson, C. Broms, H. Debes, T. Falkenhaug, E. Gaard, A. Gislason, M. R. Heath, B. Niehoff, T. G. Nielsen, P. Pepin, E. K. Stenevik, and G. Chust
Earth Syst. Sci. Data Discuss., 7, 225-242, 2014
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  25 Apr 2014